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“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs,


but will rather cure and prevent disease with nutrition


Thomas A. Edison

When considering lifestyle and healthy habits to establish in our daily life, a healthy diet is usually forgotten in the back burner. 

Many consider working out, sleeping enough and drinking enough water specific for their bodily needs. However, it seems easy to forget that everything that is put into our bodies contributes to the overall health of the individual. 

It is estimated that a healthy diet consists of 80% of someone’s health: being a healthy weight or mental and physical balance. Whereas, the remaining 20% is accredited to exercise. (Leal, 2019)

Nutrition and simply the way of living through a healthy diet is one of the pillars we cherish the most, as it is so imperative to incorporate in our lifestyle.

Lifestyle Medicine with Orbis!

There are countless many properties and health benefits in wholesome foods. Some we might even eat on a regular basis, without even realizing the impact they have on our bodies. 

For that exact reason, at Orbis lifestyle we want everyone to connect and share their ideas regarding this imperative lifestyle medicine pillar. 

On our “Lifestyle Medicine with Orbis” Facebook group, members can share their healthy habits and belong to an experience.

Answer the 3 brief questions we prepared for you in order to become a member of our group, afterwards you can interact and share your stories with people who have the same mindset as you!

Numbers speak…

According to the WHO, there are multiple health reasons correlate to how each one of us eats. Fruit and vegetables, salt and fat intake. (“WHO | Unhealthy diet”, n.d.)

Here are some examples of statistics regarding those factors we believe worth mentioning…

According to WHO, 1.7 million (2.8%) of deaths worldwide are attributable to low fruit and vegetable consumption, which is a very high number, without knowing any more details. By increasing fruit and vegetable daily intake, one can reduce cardiovascular diseases, stomach and colorectal cancers. (“WHO | Unhealthy diet”, n.d.)

There is a requirement of 5 grams of salt each day; however, there seems to be 9-12 grams being consumed by each individual daily globally. By reducing it to the recommended, there can be a global decrease in blood pressure problems. (“WHO | Unhealthy diet”, n.d.)

Another aspect of our daily nutrition is the fat intake, or the reduction of saturated fat, most importantly. There is a need for a global increase of unsaturated fatty acids from vegetable sources and polyunsaturated fatty acids. (“WHO | Unhealthy diet”, n.d.)

Food is a relationship

It is important to have a healthy relationship with food, which sometimes can be hard. 

At Orbis Lifestyle, we want to promote a “lifestyle medicine movement” not just to connect individuals to one another, but also to connect to one’s self. 

We believe that having an open communication to one’s body is key for a healthy mind and body as well, which will respond accordingly to what you feed it.

It is not by chance that the word nutrition means nourishing. 

When we nourish something, we make it grow and thrive. 

It sometimes seems as if people have forgotten to nourish themselves from the inside out. 

We eat because we are hungry, we eat whatever is in sight; however, we forget to appreciate the gift that is to nourish one’s body, through the nutrients in wholesome foods. 

At Orbis Lifestyle, we want to create awareness of these issues, as they are the underlying problems for serious chronic illnesses in the long run. (WHO, 2018)

Nutrition is an imperative pillar to a healthy body, mind and soul. 

Join our “lifestyle medicine movement” and let’s pay attention to the way we nourish our bodies.


Let’s live life at 360°!


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