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It is so important to take a vow to yourself, as you will be there for yourself “until death do you part” and, just like you would any other vow given by a law binding contract, you have to take a vow to yourself to be there for yourself forever. 

As part of our relationships pillar, we want to merely make sure that you are apart of the reason and the relationships in your life. It is so important to spend time with yourself, be able to sit in silence and understand our own feelings, before busting in the most unlikely of occasions. 

Knowing one’s self, loving and caring for ourselves is just as important as doing it for any other person you may love outside of your persona. 

We want to let you know that there are ways to better one’s relationship with one’s self. Making sure that we are one of the most important priorities in our life. 

Making the relationship with ourselves is just as important as the relationships with our most loved ones.

As we should be loved just as much, if not more.

6 ways to better it

In order to make sure to focus on these important things, in order to better your “self-relationship”, as named and provided by Psychology Today. 

1. Set intentions for yourself

These can include goals you want to achieve in the future and, this way, you work towards yourself and only for yourself.

2. Plan short, medium and long term

It is so important to plan stuff out, but most importantly, having a plan. 

3. Stay curious and accepting towards yourself and what you can and cannot do

Be sure to understand that whatever you ca nor cannot do should not change the level of acceptance  yourself.

4. Adopt basic self-care into your routine

This way, by making sure that this is done and one follows our 6 pillars, you can be one step closer to having the best relationship you can with yourself.

5. Work towards a realistically optimistic behavior

Be optimistic. Difficult to do? Maybe. But can and should be done. Bad news is everywhere nowadays. All over the news and people’s mouths. However, we can speak positive thoughts, whenever possible.

6. Be kind to yourself

This one can be the hardest one to achieve. Being kind to yourself, despite guilt, regret and judgement. It can be hard, but not impossible. Love yourself first and put yourself first. You will never and should never feel unworthy of everything you want and more. You are enough. You are the one who has to say it before anyone else does.

Mental health and self relationship

It is imperative to do so, especially during these current challenging times. Mental health must be a priority. 

It is so important to be your own best friend, like Psychcentral mentions, which will make you evermore strong. You can be your inner and own support system, your own crutch during difficult times. 

It is also important to make time for yourself, at all times. 

Which will make the relationship with yourself more genuine and truthful, just as you would with any other person that you care about.

Lastly, talk to yourself like you would talk to someone else.

The way you talk to yourself matters. Can be so detrimental or so constructive, depending on the way you address yourself. 

Therefore, the relationship you have with yourself is so important. Just as you would treat someone you love, you should treat yourself with love too. Making sure to plan, make time and be there for yourself when it is needed most.


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