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The first week of the new year has passed, and very often, it is at this time that it starts to get increasingly difficult to work towards the goals and resolutions made for the new year.

So, what makes resolutions and goals last all through the new year and beyond?

Thanks to years of studies and experience, one of the main concepts that has proved to be most effective in creating lasting goals is the method “SMART”.

The reason why we want to consider and mention it on the Orbis platform is due to three reasons.

Number 1

This method can be used not only for New Year’s resolutions: it is a simple and effective method that can help in choosing goals of any kind, regardless of the time of year in which you are.

Number 2

It is an easy method to understand and also to implement. Whether you want to eat a healthier diet, move your body more, or perhaps add more time for self-care to your daily routine, creating goals SMART will tangibly help achieve those goals.

Number 3

The “SMART” method it can also be used from a professional as well as a personal perspective, making it far more than just a method of creating new goals. Become part of your lifestyle: a healthier and more organized lifestyle.

In this article we will look at what the acronym stands for SMART, how it can be used and why we believe it is a key to any goal or habit change you want to implement in your life from now on.

At Orbis, we believe that used to create healthier, better choices for both mind and body, SMART may it be effective and useful for each of you.

So, if you want to know more, read on.

What does “SMART” mean and what does it entail?

The objectives or, better, the SMART goals they are used in many companies to improve the way in which the various activities are managed, the ways in which the relative objectives are achieved and to understand how to implement everything in company projects.

First emerging in 1981, it can now be used for both professional (business) and personal reasons.

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Accessible

R - Realistic

T - Time related

Create your resolutions with us…

First, we suggest working with 1 or 2 goals at a time: this will allow you to fully focus your attention on each of them and achieve them in the best possible way.

Once these objectives are selected, let’s follow the acronym SMART and we create the best possible goals or resolutions.

A goal or resolution shouldn’t be generic: the more generic it is, the more room for failure. Once the goal is created specific, it’s easy to relate to it and start confronting the improvement that needs to be implemented.

Secondly, a goal must be measurable. This is very important in making desired goals and resolutions achievable: when something can be measured, it can be quantified. This helps to make everything more and more real as time goes by.

Accessible or attainable is another important factor the SMART method . It might be considered the easiest, but that shouldn’t be misleading, as it can be the hardest to follow. Many goals that we consider achievable are actually not at all.

The fourth point is “realistic“. If the resolution or goal is unrealistic, achieving it will be even more difficult.

Lastly, having a time frame in mind is fundemental. This is one of the most important points of the acronym SMART and it may be the one not sufficiently taken into consideration when you want to set a goal. New Year’s resolutions are usually made without a timeline of any kind, which will make it more difficult to achieve the same goals. For this reason, we suggest creating a timeline that includes all of the steps necessary to improve that precise aspect of life or to create a certain habit.

Let us know your proposals for the new year!

If you try this popular method for your New Year’s resolutions, let us know on our Facebook group “Orbis Lifestyle Method” or simply in the comments of our latest Instagram posts.


We wish you a wonderful 2021 full of opportunities and goals achieved!

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