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“The only thing of importance, when we depart,


will be the traces of love we have left behind”


– Dr. Albert Schweitzer

The people who surround you, are an imperative aspect of someone’s health, both mental and physical. 

It is common to disregard this pillar, and not think of it as one for the reasons why we may not be the healthiest version of ourselves.

However, healthy relationships with those around you play a large role in determining who you become and where you grow as a person as well. 

The people who are closest to you should push you to become a better version of yourself, all around and in all aspects. 

Friends, family, significant others or even pets, should all make you feel better about yourself, thrive for a better you and grow alongside you. 

No one should be above the other. Our life should be all about growing alongside the people we hold dear, not pushing anyone down to feel stronger.

What makes a relationship strong? 

There are ways treat and be treated by people that can strengthen your relationship with one another. 

A healthy relationship makes sure to embody certain characteristics, in order to become stronger and better with the days. 

The main features could be summarized into these 3 categories: 

1. Mutual growth


2. Open communication


3. Trust and honesty

A healthy relationship makes sure to be beneficial for all the parties involved. 

No one feels dragged down and no additional weight is added to any burdens they may already be facing. 

One can easily mention problems they need to be fixed or the happy moments as well. 

Better relationship with one’s self

Sometimes it can be difficult to remove toxic people. This can be because they are people too close to us and we may depend on them. 

If this happens, improving the way we treat ourself will make us strong enough to stay true to ourselves. Without depending on anyone else to do that for us. 

Not letting them take the best of you. 

By focusing on our own growth, the jar will fill and can overflow to others around you. 

And, if it doesn’t, you are the one who is full, which will leave you happy and satisfied regardless of the world around you. 

Working on your relationship with yourself has so many benefits for both your mental health and soul, but it also helps people around you view themselves in a different light.

How to analyze your current relationships

In order for you to decide whether the people in your life are toxic or not, try to ask yourself these couple of questions: 

Question 1

Am I truly happy with them?

Question 2

Do I feel lifted and free with them? Or am I caged and pressured?

Question 3

Do they take out the best qualities in me or the worst?

Question 4

Can I communicate freely? Or am I afraid to talk or respectfully disagree with the other person?

Question 5

Can I have a life outside this person? Or is it difficult to maintain hobbies and connections with others apart from them?

As you remove toxic people from your life, you free up space


and emotional energy for positive, healthy relationships.”


– John Mark Green

Once you have reflected on what the person is truly bringing to you, one can come up with a solution.

Try talking to the person on where they should become better, if possible. 

If that simply is not an option, distancing yourself from people who do not make you shine is most important for you and for your loved ones who do make you the best version of yourself. 

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Healthy relationships are so important to our mental and physical health. It is important to know how to distinguish between the good and the bad influences in one’s life. 

Some people close to you may not even know they are a toxic influence, as they may be people closest to you, someone who has seen you grow up or been by your side for longer than you know. 

However, one relationship we have full control over is the one with ourselves. No one can alter that but ourselves. 

That is something we can always work on.

Therefore, here is to focusing on bettering relationships with ourselves and everyone around us. 



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