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One of the largest obstacles for eating healthy nowadays is the fact that many believe they do not have enough money to eat healthy. However, is this really an obstacle? Or simply needs to be implemented in a different way to how it is usually done? 

5 ways to eat on a budget

In this article, we will go through 5 ways to better one’s diet by making sure that we do not create excessive pressure on the cost and preparation of meals from home ether.

1. Planning: your best friend

When it comes to eating healthy on a budget, making sure that meals are planned and organized in advance could completely change the game when considering eating habits. 

Meal prepping and planning ingredients and recipes in advance are key. 

2. Have a good shopping list

Make sure to have a good grocery list, that embodies everything that you want to eat for that day or that week. 

Buy items on sale if any, or even change the planning of your meals according to the sales section at your local grocery store. Once the grocery list is written, it should not be changed under any circumstances. Be sure to not buy excessive amounts of junk food as well. 

3. “Out of sight, out of mind”

This way, eating healthy and on a budget can remain simple and not be deviated by other sales going on.

4. Shop in season!

It may seem like a simple concept, buying fruits and veggies that are in season; however, many buy whatever they wish, without knowing that foods in season are cheaper. 

Normally, produce that is not in season, has traveled far and wide, making it more expensive and not good for the environment either. Local and in season are cheaper and have a lot more nutrients than off-season ones. 

5. Freeze and refrigerate

When it comes to meal prepping and preparing foods for the day or week, it is important to be able to use the fridge and freezer wisely. 

Freeze the fresh produce when it comes to you, this way you can have it for longer, it won’t rot, and you can eat in when it is off-season too, saving you from breaking the bank trying to find it in the store when the time comes. 

Refrigerate your meals or prep ingredients to cook at home too! This way you save money from ordering in unhealthy options and, when taking meals with you wherever you go, you only eat the healthy foods prepped, not any other unhealthy options. 

The first step in a healthier diet starts with you! 

With these simple 5 ways, we hope that you begin an “eating healthy” journey. It may seem like simple rules; however, they help with the entire journey of discovering which foods we prefer and wish to eat more of during each of the four seasons. 

We are here to help you throughout your journey! Make part of our “Orbis Lifestyle Movement” and share your experience with people who want to also strive in becoming better!


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