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“The present moment, the now,


is the only thing that we can control”


– Dr. Edward T. Creagan

It is so important to be able to see beauty in all things, despite our age. It is said that kids are more likely to have imagination and see the beauty in things even when not there. 

As one grows old, the ability to view things in a better perspective fades; thus, losing imagination and the skill to view life through a lens of beauty and positivity. 

Our pillar of Anti-Aging, focuses on the idea of seeing life’s beauty despite of age.

Feeling young within, despite of age. 

Maintaining a dreaming and goal seeking mentality, despite of age. 

And, therefore, knowing every goal can be achieved, despite of age. 

We live in a society that forces you to remain young and growing old is frowned upon.

We are here to share an idea of being beauty seekers. 

Learning to have an “anti-aging mentality” towards all things that force people to “feel old” and believe they are not good enough due to their age.

Everyone has the right to feel and look beautiful, at any age. 

In today’s society, the word anti-aging is not given positive connotations. 

Anti-aging serves as a reminder that you cannot be as old as you feel. 

You are put under the spotlight of being “old”. Someone who needs fixing. 

Which is not true.

In our Anti-Aging pillar, we will be sharing and endorsing the already present idea of being “as old as you feel” and showing our viewer how that connects to the idea of a healthier lifestyle. 

Anti-aging and healthier lifestyle

A healthier lifestyle does begin from within. However, how can someone be sure to make the connection between anti-aging properties and mentalities to a healthier way of life as a whole? We are here to tell you how.

Being able to view the youth within us, and trying to maintain it, in both our mental and physical health, can have great effects on our lifestyle. 

Either through allowing anti-aging properties to become part of us by the nutrients we introduce into our bodies, or by being able to see the beauty of life and shaking off all our worries, like when a child, are all imperative aspects to our mental and physical health. Because a healthy lifestyle is made up of mental and physical health, an anti-aging mentality is imperative to be healthier all around.

Another reason why we believe them to work together is due to the fact that, being able to life with an anti-aging mentality, makes the problems we view as unbearable, slightly more solvable.

Making issues we view as unbearable, more tolerable. That’s the anti-aging mentality we wish to convey.

Not allowing yourself to give into the negative thoughts and obstacles that unfortunately come with age.

Anti-aging and current times

Only a moment taken absorbing the negative thoughts and commentary in the media nowadays, can take such a toll on the aging of our bodies. Here’s a study we found interesting to mention.

Did you know that chronic stress, nowadays common due the historical events we are currently living in, can be one of the reasons for the premature aging of skin cells?(click the title of this review to read the full excerpt)


Psychological Stress and skin aging: a review of possible mechanisms and potential therapies

Anti-Aging and stress

There are various studies done on this topic and, because of this reason, we wanted to mention it.

We believe stress management to be one of the most imperative pillars to living a healthier lifestyle; however, it is important to see the correlation between aging and stress, which could have increased to do the unprecedented historical events we are currently living in. 

Therefore, a way for us to decrease premature aging of our skin, the biggest organ in our body, is through decreasing our levels of stress. 

Haven’t read our article on stress management yet? Go check it out! Click here to find out more: Stress Management.

Ways to work towards an “anti-aging mentality” 

At Orbis Lifestyle, we believe in bettering everyone’s lifestyle, through increasing the efficiency of our 6 pillars. 

Anti-aging, being one of those pillars, has an imperative role on the way we live our lives. Especially by making sure we live life to the fullest, not letting time and age be the reason we do not become the best version of ourselves.

We believe that, in order to embody an “anti-aging mentality” one can do the following: 

View every day like a gift to become stronger and healthier

Focus on you. Make yourself the stronger version of you out there. Return to your goals every day and make them a reality. 

Do not let stress prematurely age you

Take a moment to breathe and relax everyday, make it your own and experiment each day. 

Feel young at heart

Have routines and habits that help you feel young within, the most important youth out there. 

Have products that make you a better version of yourself

Make sure to have nutrients that make you become the best and healthiest version of yourself become part of your daily life. 

Prioritize self care and self love

The way you take care of yourself will impact others too.

Anyone who keeps the ability


to see beauty, never grows old.” 


– Franz Kafka

Let’s live life with an “anti-aging mentality”, making it a priority to take care of you and be the youngest at heart you can be. Maintaining positivity, creativity and love for others throughout your life. Every day. No matter the age. 


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