ORBIS - The latin circle

Simple. Clear. ORBIS. A word with ancient origins and of deep meaning.

Why this name? And how can we use language and words to express authentic concepts of Health, Wellness and Life?

Terra, Mundus, ORBIS are the words with which the Ancients referred the Universe.

“Orbis” indicated the circle; therefore, the fulfillment.

“Annuus exactis completur mensibus orbis.” (After the months, the cycle of the year is complete.) Virgilio, Eneide 5, 4

In the ancient circular concept of the passage of time, “ORBIS” represented on one hand the idea of the circle and, on the other, the outcome of a movement, its fulfillment, its conclusion.

Both used to describe the orbits of planets and to indicate the circular movement of fate or time, “ORBIS” has always represented the Universal ideal for thriving towards, the perfect fulfillment of human and animated life.


What we believe in is a comprehensive, 360-degree approach to health, fitness, life and relationships.

The circle is not only a perfect representation of it, but it is also one of the simplest geometric shapes, one learned as children.

At ORBIS, we believe that a holistic approach to medicine and to lifestyle, leads to the success of everyone and can help us fulfill the life we have been given.


Very often, the ancient Greek and Latin philosophers stressed the importance of the language and lexicon used by people. Among these we remember, for example, Lucretius and Seneca.

If the form and the content match, then “ORBIS” is the right name to embody the health message we want to reach, thanks to and through Lifestyle Medicine.


The right words, in the right place, are able to express concepts that are often difficult to describe by men, just as in the past the difficulty of the Ancients in defining the Universe was overcome with words such as "ORBIS".


So, what does a doctor and philosopher (Alcmeon) have to do with the circle? And the bow?

Don’t worry, because in a few moments everything will be much clearer.

As recalled by Ivano Dionigi, full professor of Latin language and literature and author of numerous literary texts, “according to Alcmeone, physician probably of the sixth century BC, [..] in the face of the most perfect figure, the circle, we are an incomplete, imperfect circle, an arc: the arc of life, in fact. In the circle, the perfect shape, beginning and end coincide; in the arc, however, the imperfect circle, beginning and end do not coincide. ”

We are therefore the arc, and the Universe is the circle. What can be done about it?

ORBIS is here for this very reason: thanks to the Lifestyle Medicine approach, to the team of medical professionals who control the selection and research process of our products, through the scientific dissemination promoted by our online platform and the now established ORBIS community, we can, together, aim for the circle.

We can try to get as close as possible to the other end of our arc to get closer and closer to the perfection of the circle.

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